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for the Madison - Perry - Painesville - Geneva Area

 Created Just for the Homeowner

Residential only, which means you come first. 

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Why the 10 Push Plan?

10 push plan:

  • We ask for 3 easy payments, Jan. 1st, Feb,. 1st, March 1st (Your covered Nov.1-April 1)
  • We average 10-14 plowable snow falls per winter. Any visit after your 10th is discounted so if it's a rough winter, we cut you a brake.

  • We plow only for the homeowner! That means you come first and NOT BIGGIE MART!

We have several dependable trucks

  • We have backup.

  • We have several drivers including a backup driver.
  • We are fully licensed and insured. Our drivers are MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) checked.

We are ready for breakdowns

  • We carry spare parts, fittings, and fluids etc.
  • We carry proper part replacement tools
  • We have a "go to guy" for fast part and tool runs
We budget your payments

  • Your timely payments give us steady revenue throughout the winter, so you know we will be there for the unexpected snow.
How much is it for me to get started?
See Route Reservation Pricing!
The Risk Factor

Most companies:

  • Ask for 1/2 or all upfront! Don't do it! 

  • Why pay up front for unlimited visits when most companies are only counting on 10 or 12 visits? WHY GAMBLE? 

  • They have commercial accounts. Who do you think comes first - BIGGIE MART or YOU?

Many contractors have one truck.

  •  What if it breaks? 

  • What if they get sick or injured?

  • Do they have PLOWING insurance?

Most are not prepared for breakdowns

  • Don't carry spare parts, fittings, etc...
  • Don't carry tools
  • Don't have a "go to guy"

Where's your money???

  • Do they budget the money you gave them upfront?
Snowplowing while you stay warm inside
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